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-minute promise. let's see if they can do it. at the jersey city location, there's a kiosk inside to scan the confirmation e-mail. promise achieved. one minute and 44 seconds later. next, walmart in new jersey, no time promises here. our producer presents the receipt and gets the console in two minutes and five seconds. now best buy. no guarantees on wait time here either, but after the receipt is taken, we have console in hand in just one minute and 58 seconds. >> have a great day, enjoy. >> sears wins begin. we did this before black friday, of course, and there is a human element involved, so the results could vary as the season picks up and volume increases, but so far, the programs do work, and the sears that we stopped at didn't have the car delivery. we had to go inside for the kiosk. but it was still the clear winner. >> that's courtney with her view of the special deals that may be offered. craig, final word from you on this. how is this holiday season going to shape up, and how are consumers going to fare over the next few months? >> well, this holiday season i think is going to
the ability to service secondary cities.trainer we don't have the ability to service secondary cities.strain or we don't have the ability to service secondary cities. how can where can we achieve gr scale. and the board of directors are being very strong with us that we must meet key criteria. i don't intend to manage other airlines. >> access then is the key word here and it's also a way of circumventing some of the difficulties they've been facing and acquiring additional landing rates. but there's something broader at stake here and that is the fact that the whole industry. >> that traditional flows are changing. the goal of hubs as a transfer point, a range of activities, the consumer is saying the hubs are working better than the traditional asian or european hubs. at the end of the day, the consumer will determine who is successful, so we have to get the right product, the right aircraft, the right positioning. and quite frankly that's what i believe they have been doing. >> in terms of scale, still quite a long shot from emirates airlines. of course you can watch the whole inte
the shops early next year. and the u.s. postal service plans to test same day package delivery in big cities. the service will initially be offered in san francisco. pricing hasn't been announced and the postal service working out agreements with 8 to 10 large retail chains. and the government will appeal a ruling over unpaid debts stemming from the country's default a decade ago. wednesday a federal judge in new york ordered argentina to pay in full everything it owes to several u.s. investment funds. the judge also barred the country from paying other bond holders until the bill is paid. still to come, u.s. retailers are turning on the lights and throwing open the doors to holiday shoppers even earlier this year. will the promise of big deals lead to big profitses? we'll be back at the mall. but don't just listen to me. listen to these happy progressive customers. i plugged in snapshot, and 30 days later, i was saving big on car insurance. with snapshot, i knew what i could save before i switched to progressive. the better i drive, the more i save. i wish our company had something this coo
think the debate is somewhat margin all for the occurrences city. >> do you agree in terms of the marginal impact? >> i do understand where the argument comes from.frankly is of the currency. the problem is two fold. one, we haven't got a counter factual. we sort of have. look at ireland. but without that very dramatic counter factual, it looks like qe is not doing anything. i would argue it's successful at neutralizing the deflationary contraction. but it's hard to read. we have so many other countries doing qe or sending messages about whether they'll stop or accelerate or slow down or might do it that actually looking at currencies that are all relative, it's hard to read this. what we can see is that the dollar was under an stream amount of delusionary pressure during the qe experience with the exceptions where it spiked up during actual panic. the really interesting thing about the euro is the hur row hasn't fallen that much given the fact it's dominated the bad news. and that i would say is because they haven't done the dilution of qe yet. so it's held its own against
is ventilated with natural air flow, powered in part by these solar panels. >> we extract sewage from the city mines. we have a very large recycling plant on site. 90% of the water consumption is recycled. >> the tower also posts the tallest trees in sydney perched atop the terrace. the building faces north and takes advantage of the sun's elliptical movement with that he is blinds tilting and retracting at specific intervals during the day to take the proesh off the internal cooling an heating system. it may be a model for green innovation. australia, kran businesses in general are rapidly moving towards a greener cleaner future. >> you're seeing the development of projects, you're seeing buildings at very important time in this country. >> and it's not just government policies which is prompting change. in fact one expert on the shift to greener technology says there's a growing change in attitudes across the corporate sector. >> there are benefits here to be gained and how do we stretch that further. i think with a we'hat we'll fin businesses starting to ask themselves how do we get busines
of thousands of egyptians have poured into tahrir square and cities all across egypt demanding that president mohamed morsi rescind his decision that granted him sweeping powers. they say it is reminiscent of the mubarak era, sending this country back to dictatorship. for the past five days, police have clashed with protesters, firing tear gas and beating them at times. more importantly, they are demanding that egypt's new constitution is one that reflects the diversity of egypt, not the sole control of the muslim brotherhood. many of the people here are angered by what they say is the attempt by the muslim brotherhood and the president mohamed morsi to take control of the country and ram pole their agenda at the expense of secular forces like those that have gathered behind my. >> neil sheering still with us. investors have gotten quite bullish on egypt. do you think the investment thesis is fundamentally changed? >> i think it's a bit of a wake-up call to the post-revolution transition in the egypt's economy is never going to be easy. the imf deal that was announced last week, should be agr
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